Canada's Centennial 1967

Our History ...

The boat ramp at Point Holmes was built in 1967 as a Centennial Project, with funding provided by the Canadian Centennial Commission.  On 27 September 1968, the Point Holmes Recreation Association was registered as a society under the B.C. Societies Act, Certificate No.8137 soc.

Our mandate is: " to maintain and improve the boat ramp, and to create, maintain and improve other facilities on the adjacent recreational area as required.  These facilities are to be available to any person or persons who wish to use them in accordance with the main purpose of the facilities, and non-PHRA members will pay the daily rate set by the PHRA. "

In 1971,  B.C.'s Centennial, the province provided funding to allow development of a walkway and parkland from the boat ramp south along Lazo Road, to where a small park now exists, opposite Sand Pines Drive.  This area is notable for its fragile Sand Dunes, and is listed on the Ministry of Environment Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory.   PHRA has been granted stewardship of the boat ramp and foreshore recreational area, including this small park now known as Point Holmes Park.

Erosion from winter storms is taking its toll on the shoreline, but another big cause of degradation is the traffic of visitors on foot and vehicle travel and parking.  We are now working closely with the Town of Comox and BC Hydro to ensure the protection of this fragile area is going to be actively managed into the future. 

The 617 ft. long boat ramp is 100% exposed to the brutal winter storms and has seen many years of patching, rebuilding and upgrading to keep it usable for residents of the Comox Valley.  PHRA was fortunate to be approved for a Bingo Licence for several years, and this provided funding for maintenance and repairs.

After 30 years of use and abuse, in 1998 plans were drawn up to extend the ramp an additional 40 feet to allow launching at the lowest summer tides.  The work was completed along with rebuilding of the concrete apron over most of the ramp and asphalt resurfacing was done to the entire ramp and 67 foot wide turnaround area at the extreme east end. This major $60,000 repair/upgrade was completed with a 50% portion of the total cost funded by a Recreational Grant from the Regional District Comox-Strathcona.  PHRA through their volunteer work at the Valley Bingo Palace were able to fund the other 50% themselves.

From 1967 - 2006, PHRA leased the boat ramp and foreshore from the Regional District Comox-Strathcona. In 2006 the property was included in the transition of lands to the Town of Comox, and we have kept our lease arrangement valid with the Town, currently into 2017.

In 2015, we completed upgrades to the ramp surfacing to extend the useful launching area at higher tides, and did some badly needed maintenance to the ramp aprons and asphalt surface.  We also completed the cedar Porta Potty structure, thanks to many volunteer hours and the generous donations of many Comox Valley businesses and individuals.  It has proven to be a very popular feature at the waterfront.

2016 was the year of the Shoreline Restoration Project with the Town of Comox.  This $1.8 million project has reinforced the shoreline that was dangerously eroded.  It is great to see the new waterfront walkway from the boat ramp down to Sandpines road busy year round.  So many more people are now getting out to enjoy the walk and scenery.

What a great season we had in 2017 !  This marked the 50th Anniversary of PHRA, we are proud to be able to maintain this great resource for everyone who lives and visits the Comox Valley. 

2018 will see the old pavilion at the waterfront replaced by a larger Timber Frame structure for the public to enjoy.  Thank you to the Town of Comox for their collaboration with our Association in achieving this goal.

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